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Cleaning Materials

House Cleaning

We strive to make things hassle-free and convenient; especially when it comes to our Residential House Cleaning Service.

All Baseboards, windowsills, ceiling fans and, door knobs in all the rooms requested are included in all our cleaning services. This is typically not included with our competitors in a recurrent service (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) unless you ask for a deep cleaning at a higher cost.

If this package best suits your needs, then feel free to book an appointment with us today!

Cleaning the Floor

Office Cleaning

Having a clean and tidy office space is important for several reasons. Not only does it provide a more favorable impression for visitors and other occupants who spend time there, it also promotes productivity, encourages professionalism, improves indoor air quality, and can potentially boost your overall business.

We can clean all your office areas including conference rooms, hallways, bathrooms. Click below to contact us for a custom estimate.


Pet Sitting

In-home pet care benefit your little friend to stay in a familiar environment and not being expose to illnesses of other animals, and rest assure that, in your absence, we will care for your pet the way you would like done.

Contact us for a quote and we will be happy to assist you.

Modern House

House Sitting

Having a house-sitter not only helps maintain your insurance policy, but just by being there, reduces the chances of being burgled or the property being damaged, leaving you with peace of mind that your home is secure while you are away.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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